When we first caught wind of StillMotion, our entire staff was blown away by the incredible quality found in every wedding video they’ve done. As we got to know them a bit more though, we discovered that what motivates them to create the beautiful work that they do isn’t their passion for photography, videography, and a strong reputation. No—what motivates them is far simpler: Celebrating all the stories of love that surrounds us.

This became oh-so-clear when they told us about an amazing product for couples that they offer, called An Hour Of Us. They don’t even publicize it on their website. It is one of the best date ideas possible for your most special dates—anniversaries, birthdays, Valentines, and the winter holidays. An Hour Of Us really speaks to that which motivates StillMotion’s work. It is a celebration of you and your love’s relationship—a break from the hustle and bustle of your daily lives, and ultimately, a beautiful opportunity to rediscover each other. Check out some of their An Hour of Us session photos below!

An Hour Of Us is about remembering the things that truly matter to you. It’s about letting go of the little stressors and really feeling all of the things that make you so in love with each other—all while StillMotion’s incredibly artistic photographers capture candid shots of the two of you in love… just being in love. The photographs captured during this time simply serve as a reminder and glimpse into the beauty of the moments you always share together. An Hour Of Us is a time where the world disappears, and all that exists is you.

One of StillMotion’s clients, Rudy, said it best in his speech to the guests at his own wedding:

You know, when we look back at our childhood, our experience of the passage of time is seems to be much slower than as adults, basically as children, all of our experiences are novel or new, so we soak in the sights and the sounds, the smells, the experiences of our environment much more, and as adults, we tend to gloss over these things.


From my own belief, of knowing when you’re in it, in love with the person you’re with, it’s because time slows. It’s because you’re truly soaking up all the experiences that your love has to offer…savoring each moment as if it were new or novel.


An Hour Of Us allows you and your soul mate to do just that: to slow time, soak up, and savor your love. Enjoy each other with one of the most special date ideas out there!

StillMotion has created a fantastic promotion for DayForTwo readers—mention “DayForTwo” when you contact them and receive 20% off your experience of An Hour Of Us. What an incredible and unique date idea, especially for those special occasions like your anniversary, a birthday surprise, or as a gift over the winter holidays!