So you wanna plan a date, do you?

Get ready for DayForTwo’s crash course in planning the best dates ever!

What defines an ideal date changes at different stages of your relationship. In this and the connected six articles, we’ll be teaching you what you need to look out for the next time that special someone asks, “So… what do you wanna do on Saturday?”

We’ve identified 6 main stages in your relationship:

  1. The First Three[ish] Dates a.k.a. Butterflies, Wine, and Awkward Silences
  2. We’ve Just Officially Become a Couple a.k.a. Let the Honeymoon Phase Begin
  3. Honeymoon Phase is Over a.k.a. We Both Acknowledge that We Both Fart
  4. The Long Haul a.k.a. Yes babe, I’ll Pick up Tampons for You After Work
  5. Marriage a.k.a. We Don’t Have the Urge to Ever Go Clubbing Again
  6. Kids a.k.a. Sex? Yeah… Ummm, I’d Rather Not (totally kidding)

To see how to plan a perfect date at your current relationship stage, find and click in the above list!