We had the pleasure of traveling to Jamaica recently with Serena and Leonard for several of their wedding celebrations. We love being able to cover more than just the wedding day as we find it gives you much more perspective on a couple—a bigger window into who they are. And it also makes their imagery that much more original. Whenever we have other events that we can tie into the story it always makes for such an original narrative. Serena and Leonard had us there for their wedding day, the rehearsal the day before, as well as an all-white-outfit cruise with family and friends. Despite it being a destination wedding, the guest list was a fair size—but all that meant was a bigger celebration! It was beautiful to see nothing but joy and support from their loved ones!

After watching the amazing video above, we’re sure you’re ready to see what StillMotion can do with photographs below!

Yup. Amazing. We know!

If you want to know a bit more about StillMotion, feel free to read below:

StillMotion Is a boutique photo and cinema production company with studios in Toronto and San Francisco. They specialize in genuine storytelling, and pride themselves in being able to capture the beauty of what is true. It you are planning your wedding, be sure check out StillMotion’s work on their website, as well as their blog, where you can get lost for hours experiencing the beauty they’ve captured for countless couples on their special day. StillMotion also offers, arguably the most fulfilling and unique date idea that they call An Hour Of Us. designed first and foremost, to shed all distractions and stressors, and truly rediscover and uncover all that defines you and your love’s relationship — oh yeah, incredible images are captured for you to keep as memories and reminders for the rest of your lives. Leam more by clicking here!

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