We saw Stu and Dana together for the first time in Fort McMurray, a town far from here way up in Northern Alberta. Neither of them are actually from there, yet it’s the place where a lot of really great things started.

It’s where they first met, started dating, where their life as a married couple began, and where their son was born recently. It only made sense to experience what their life was like in the “everyday” before their wedding came.

But their wedding was in London, Ontario, on the farm where Dana grew up.

“And the farm goes on, whether there’s a wedding or not.” said her dad.

When the sun rose, we were out with the cows, with Dana’s dad, in the brisk air. The schedule had us starting at 9am, but the farm was just as important a part of the wedding as any conventional “wedding detail”, which meant we had to be shooting way before that.

Through spending the day with their family, it’s as if they welcomed us as one of their own. Sitting us down to breakfast, sharing the history of this house that has been passed down through the generations, and the ups and downs that it has seen, we were fully immersed.

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If you’d like to check out more photos from Stu+Dairy’s special day, click here!

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Until then, Happy Lovin’!!!

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